The Art of the Start as a Free Agent

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Fellow blogger, Tony Wanless (ReinventionstBlog), gave some good advice about starting your own business. He suggests independents should 1) Commit 2) Learn how to run a business 3) Get a speciality and 4) Picture it. This aligns with what I’ve heard from the dozen or so friends in my network who have generously shared their secrets of going solo, which I’m planning to turn into a book. The gurus I’ve met with have encouraged me to…

  1. Plan on a longer sales cycle – it always takes longer than you think to win business.
  2. Leverage social media and contribute to online publications.
  3. Hone your sales skills and know how to market what you do.

Daniel Pink‘s Free Agent Nation¬†has been recommended by several friends, so I got a copy and am enjoying it immensely. I always like Pink’s writing – he has a great ability to present data in an interesting way. You can pick up a copy through my Amazon store.

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